We don't compromise for the sake of cost on recovery gear, after all this is the time you want to get your 4WD moving again. This important exercise can be difficult and dangerous, and you dont want to be let down by inferior quality gear. We offer the Spanset range of recovery gear. When the 4WD Monthly Magazine tested a range of snatchstraps this Australian made product out-performed all other brands to be the winning strap on performance. Due to our large purchasing power, including truck tie-downs and lifting slings; we are able to offer Spanset 4WD recovery gear very competitively priced.

Recovery Snatch Strap - RS9

The SpanSet Recovery Snatch strap will allow you to 'snatch' or 'tow' a vehicle which has become bogged stalled, stuck, or submerged into a recovered position. Manufactured from high tenacity nylon yarn and featuring fully protected formed eyes at each end.


Tree Trunk Protector - TTP

The SpanSet Tree Trunk Protector has been designed to allow use of a tree as an anchorage point whilst using your electric or mechanical winch for recovery of your vehicle. This wide bearing surface (75 mm) of the polyester webbing totally protects the trees delicate surface from bruising or ringbarking.


Winch Extension Strap - WSL

The SpanSet Winching Strap comes in three convenient lengths - 10, 20 and 30 metres, exceptionally handy when your vehicle is stationed a long way from an available anchorage point, and you have fully wound out your winch cable yet still short. Made from polyester, low elongation (stretch) webbing, two formed eyes allow easy connection to a shackle or a hook.


Outback Recovery Pack

Contents: RS9 snatch strap, TTP Tree trunk protector, WSL 10m extension strap, 2x 3.25t bow shackles; all in a robust carry bag.
This carry bag is very popular. In that your muddy snatch strap and shackles after a job can be put back in the carry bag and zipped up, saving the internals of your 4WD from being covered in mud.



We only sell grade S lifting shackles. They have a safety factor of 5:1.
We strongly recomend not using general purpose shackles, as they are not built to a standard and do not have to have any factor of safety.

3.25 T - $12
4.75 T - $19

Tow hook

This purpose designed tow hook when securely mounted with the supplied high tensile bolts and keeper allow snatching, towing or winching safely. Don't automaaticly trust standard loops or hooks found under your car, as they may only be tie down hooks for shipping when your car was imported or transported.


Folding Shovel

- A sturdy shovel that folds into a compact shape for fitment into a rugged storage bag
Special Feature - Shovel edge is serrated adding to its versitility
- No tools required to set up
- Strong twist-lock locking mechanism
- Storage bag; ideal for packing and for when the shovel is dirty
- Steel construction


MaxTrax Recovery Tracks

- Glass filled nylon, high strength
Special Feature - Safe, simple, quick and easy to use vehicle extraction device. Place it under the leading edge of your bogged wheel for a high traction surface for your wheels to climb on.
- readily stackable for storage (2 or 4 per vehicle)
- supplied with instructional DVD
- $285 /pair

- carry bag available to help keep the inside of your 4WD clean $95
- Hint: tie a rope to the MaxTrax to help retrieve it after use (it may be pushed into the mud / sand)