We provide a full range of solar cell sizes. We recommend the Monocrystaline variety, which is highly efficient. For the customer who wants maximum solar power on the roof of their 4WD or caravan we have the ultimate setup.
If you want the best donít waste time putting a 60 or 80W solar cell on the roof of your 4WD, camper trailer or caravan. We sell a high efficiency 190W that is less than 14cm wider than a 115W panel. To get maximum power from this 190W cell we recommend using a special MPPT regulator rated at a maximum of 1500W input, shown in the regulator section. This can provide a serious 15A from one panel.

Solar Cells

190W High Efficiency Solar Cell
- Monocrystaline
- Special Feature: Itís high efficiency enables 190W to be packed into a relatively small frame.

- Size and Cost Comparison of BP80W and our 190W
Panel L W T Price
BP80W 1210 537 50 $974 (RRP)
190W 1580 808 50 $1150 (Our Price)

- Typical Maximum 12V Amps
BP80W 4.5A
190W 14.8A

- Sturdy aluminium outer frame for easy mounting.
-Waterproof, UV resistant cables and plugs
- 25 year performance warranty
- 2 year manufacturing warranty
- With four of these 190W panels mounted on the roof of your caravan or motor home a 4kW roof mounted air conditioner can run from your caravan battery without the need to plug into 240V power. No more having to stay in a powered camp site or staying away from National Parks so you can use your generator. If it is hot and the sun is out, four of these 190W calls passing their power though our 12V 60A MPPT regulator offers enough power to keep your cravan cool with our 12V roof mounted air conditioner.
- $1150

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If you are putting more power into your battery system than you are taking out by running your appliances, then it is most advisable to use a regulator in conjunction with your solar panels. This will prevent your battery from being overcharged by the high voltage from your solar cells therefore shortening the life of your batteries.
There are many types and brands of regulators available, ranging from the relatively simple and straight forward; eg, Stecca to sophisticated units with self adjustable parameters and readable outputs; eg, PL20 through to highly efficient MPPT units (eg MPPT30-1 and MPPT60-2 and Blue Sea Solar Boost shown below).

3400W MPPT Solar Battery Charger
- feeds up to 60A at 12V into your battery
- Special Feature: This special MPPT regulator is designed to accept input voltages between 15V and 95V DC. Thus it is the ideal regulator to use with our high efficiency 190W solar cells shown above. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) increases your bulk charge by more than 20% over conventional solar regulators.
- Outputs: approximately 60A at 12V so you can expect to supply a load of 200Ah per day which means a 200W load for about 10 hours daily.
A 24V system the MPPT 60A will power a load of 400W per 10 hours.
A 48V system the MPPT 60A will power a load of 800W per 10 hours.

- The MPPT is designed to auto detect 12V, 24V or 48V battery systems and select a suitable charge regime.
- The MPPT30-1 and MPPT 60-2 are both supplied in a sealed battery setting, which is the safest setting but if your batteries are vented, then before wiring in the MPPT the manual will indicate a procedure to change the setting.
- The unitís output is a 3 stage battery charger with maximum absorption voltage of 14.5V and a float voltage of 13.5V
- MPPT60-2 can be used in conjunction with a remote control panel which allows customization of float and absorption settings.
- The MPPT has a built in multi level over temperature protection.
- MPPT30-1 output is limited to 30A
- MPPT60-2 output is limited to 60A

- MPPT30-1 $420
- MPPT 60-2 $527
Solar Boost 2000E
- 12V / 25Amp Output
- Special Feature: The ultimate photovoltaic charge controller. Increases charge current up to 30% or more over standard regulators.
- Multi-usage PWM charge control improves battery performance and life.
- Electronic current limit prevents overload or nuisance fuse blows.
- LCD display monitors volts and amps.
- Durable power coat finish conformal coated electronics resist corrosion.
- Fully protected against excess current, temperature, transient voltage and polarity.
- Full 36 month limited warranty.
- $620
A built in LCD digital display monitors solar charge performance. The display shows battery voltage, solar panel current and output charge current. You can actually see current boost working by noting the difference between solar panel current and output charge current. A charge status LED indicates the present charge mode, and shows when the battery has become fully charged.
Solar boost controllers increase charge current by operating the PV module in a manner that allows the module to produce all the power it is capable of. A conventional charge controller simply connects the module to the battery when the battery is discharged. When the 75W module in this example is connected directly to a battery charging at 12volts its power production is artificially limited to about 53 watts. This wastes a whopping 22 watts or nearly 30% of the available power.
The actual charge current increase you will see varies primarily with module temperature and battery voltage. In comfortable temperatures, current increase typically varies between 10 to 25%, with 30% or more easily achieved with a discharge battery and cooler temperatures. What you can be sure of is that Solar Boost charge controllers will deliver the highest charge current posible for a given set of operating conditions.
Specifications Solar Boost 2000E
Output current rating 25 Amp Maximum (output current limit 25.0+-0.5A)
Nominal system voltage 12VDC
PV Open Circut Voltage 30VDC Maximum
Standby Power Consumption 17mA Typical
Charge on Power Consumption 70mA Typical
Charge Algorithm Fully automatic two stage charge. Bulk & constant voltage. A third manually actuated equalized charge function is included to periodically condition lead-acid batteries
Charge Voltage Setpoint Range 13-16VDC (14.0 VDC initial factory setting)
Equalization Voltage Charge voltage setting + 1.2 VDC
Temperature Compensation Optional temperature sensor adjusts charge voltage setpoint based on measured battery temperature. Field selectable slope, -5.0mV/degrees C / cell (lead-acid), or -2.0mV/ degrees C / cell (NiCd)
Power Conversion Efficiency 95% @ 15 Amp output
Panel Dimensions 4 5/8"H x 6 3/8"W x 1 7/8"D (11.75cm x 16.19cm x 4.76cm)
Construction Open frame construction with conformal coated electronics visible from rear. Designed to mount into a rectangular surface cutout. Optional conduit ready surface mount box available.
Front Panel Displays LCD digital display shows PV module input current, output charge current and battery voltage. Charge status LED shows present charge mode and battery state of charge.
Digital Display Range / Accuracy Voltmater, 19.99VDC / =-0.10%F.S. Ampmeter, =-36.0A / =-0.75% F.S.
Specified Temperature Range 0 to 40 degrees C (Extended range -40 to =50 degrees C, will operate but may not meet spec.)

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