We see camping accessories as products that add to the enjoyment, safety and interest that you will gain from your adventure. The following products have been chosen based on proven performance and also for specialist applications.

Day Binoculars

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Night Binoculars

Night Vision Orion Monoculars
- 2.8 x magnification
- Special Feature: This viewer has built in infrared illuminators with which you can see in complete darkness, as in cellars and caves.
- New super fast lens system with a high resolution Class A+ tube, gives an unparalleled right image.
- Viewing distance: 350m
- Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 6cm
- Mass: 500g
- Batteries: 1 x 3V Lithium CR123
- Quality Approved by Lloyd’s Register
- $595

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BushMan Aerosol Insect Repellent
- 50g and 150g Aerosol Insect Repellent
- Special Feature: Specifically formulated to provide effective protection from biting and annoying insects while remaining unnoticeable on the skin.
- Non-Greasy
- Light Scent
- Water Resistant
- 3 to 4 hrs protection
- Plus Sunscreen
- 50g $7
150g $12

BushMan Plus Dry Gel Insect Repellent
- 75g Dry Gel Insect Repellent
- Special Feature: BushMan Plus Gel contains "Dry Gel" slow release technology.
- Ultra Dry
- Almost Odourless
- Super Concentrated
- Water Resistant
- 8 to 10 hrs protection
- Plus Sunscreen
- $11

Releasable Cable Ties
- Black UV Resistent Releasable Cable Ties
- Special Feature Easily releasable without the need for tools.
- size ranges to suit many applications; from bundling tent pegs and poles, tying oars into dinghies, tying up tomato plants and a thousand other uses where a releasable cable tie is so much easier and stronger to use than many other forms of ropes, buckles and strings.
Size Duty Price
H/D Std. 20 units 100 units
140 x 3.5mm X N/A $8
200 x 4.8mm X N/A $12
300 x 4.8mm X N/A $26
150 x 7.6mm X N/A $14
200 x 7.6mm X $6 $18
300 x 7.6mm X $12 $31
370 x 7.6mm X N/A $33

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