This picture is of one of the most capable 4WDs available. It features many of the products we sell and install. The features increase the vehicle's capabilities, help ensure maximum reliability when in remote areas and improve the comfort and safety available to the occupants.

B F Goodrich mud terrain tyres with superb off road grip, 3 ply side walls and yet amazingly quiet on the black top. Bilstein shock absorbers to give a sure-footed ride corrugation after corrugation. Differentials are fitted with traction aids which don’t effect blacktop driving or tyre wear. Rear differential has a Maxi drive vacuum assisted locking diff. with high strength axles. The front diff is fitted with a True Trac centre which gives 60% locking, no steering problems and no clutch packs requiring adjusting or repacking. Our dual battery system ensures maximum reliability of that necessary energy supply, with the best recharging features of any of the dual battery systems available today. The two batteries are high performance sealed lead acid batteries giving a total of 200 Ah in a relatively small package. A marine grade voltmeter gives accurate battery voltage, with alarms to alert of any charging or discharging mal-functions. The alternator is a high quality unit of enclosed brush design, purpose built to operate in hot dirty environments. The remote mounted regulator is fully sealed against water ingress and its high current at low rpm provides the shortest charge time after an overnight stay.

Headlights comprise Hella H4 inserts for main and low beam while extremely powerful Lightforce XGT sit on the bulbar. All are fed by Hella relays with inbuilt wedge type fuses. Rear lamps as can be used on a camper trailer or caravan are water proof, dust proof LED lamps from Hella with no bulbs to fail. Also a manually switched 55 watt Hella FF reversing lamp used when setting up camp at night or for tackling difficult night time reversing. An LED multi-volt licence plate lamp so that maintenance is never required. An interior Hella map reading lamp on an adjustable pendant.

A Silva GPS in the car kit charges through a Hella socket rather than the notoriously unreliable cigarette lighter socket that is supplied with vehicles as standard. Auxiliary Hella sockets throughout the vehicle are all supplied from a Narva fuseblock, to assure electrical safety. The wedge fuse is of a special type that lights up when blown, making it easy to identify the failure. These are fitted in the main fuse block for easy fault finding.

Recovery Gear
Recovery gear comprises a Span Set snatch strap (the winning snatch strap when 4WD Monthly Magazine tested a range of straps). S rated shackles, tree trunk protector and 10 m extension strap, all in a tough carry bag. A Tirfir hand winch or Brawn ‘Porta A Winch’ depending on where the vehicle is going. A Bushranger Max air compressor and Staun tyre deflators.
On another vehicle we have an Endless Air compressor for rapid inflation of large tyres.

Portable Items
On board are four torches
~ AA Maglite always in the vehicle
~ 5 cell Maglite with a powerful beam for spotting objects in the distance
~ Silva head torch, great for night walking with its long life three LEDs and a powerful halogen spot at the push of a button
~ Light wave 4000, no spare batteries are required due to its highly efficient LEDs (continuous running for four weeks).
~ Fluorescent lamp, over the cooking area at rear of the vehicle is a 60 LED lamp drawing only 0.2 Amps. This compares with 1 – 1.2 Amps using conventional fluros.

The fridge is an Engel on a transit lock base for safety, plugged into a Hella socket to cope with vibration. When traveling into conditions of extreme heat or when planning to stay in the one spot for a number of days we use the 40 L Auto fridge and fold away solar cell. The solar cells are correctly matched to keep this extremely efficient eutectic fridge cold with out depleting the batteries.

On the roof is a Maggiolina sleeper, so what ever challenges the day may bring we can sleep in luxury off the ground, away from the insects in our pre-made bed, complete with a reading lamp and total wind and rain protection. In the morning the sleeper is wound down within five minutes and ready to drive.
The Microfast tent, due to its disk-like folded shape is stored inside the Magiolina. It is erected by simply throwing it in the air. It comes down in the shape of a tent. This Microfast tent is marvelled by many who see it in practice.
Sleeping bag type depends on the time of year and location. They range from the very economical and light Sunset range through to a quality Aurora Australian brand, to the high specification of Silva Snug Pak which is no bigger than a football yet rated to 0ºC.
Outside chairs are quality fold away units comfortably seating 120 kg.
The fold away aluminium table weighs only 4.9kg.

A range of rucksacks, water proof jackets, hiking boots, 100% wool hiking socks, portable compass, binoculars, Silva GPS; all provide to make the holiday adventure more satisfying.

The degree of remoteness and type of vehicle will determine the extent of spares. Spare hoses come in a pack comprising Makay radiator hoses and stainless steel clamps. The belt pack comprises quality Gates green stripe belts. Spare headlight globe, interior globe, blinker and brake globes, relay, sparkplug, fuel pump, oils and coolant are all packaged in compartment trays.

Pliers, pointy vice grips, small and large adjustable spanner, sockets, screw driver set with bits, knife, combination ring / open end spanners, pocket hack saw, tyre repair kit, auto wire and selection of spade and bullet terminals, RP7, wire cutters, sparkplug spanner.

First aid kit, fire extinguisher, Bushmans insect repellent.

The above mentioned products are used by us, sold by us, so we know their value.