12V Rooftop Air-Conditioner

With this unit, you can have air-conditioning whenever and wherever you like, without having to access 240V AC. It can even be left running using an efficient night mode setting on a hot night or left running while you park and go for a walk so your vehicle is cool when you return. It can be powered from 4 of our high efficiency 327W solar panels and therefore used in a National Park without running a generator.

Making this 12V air-conditioner ideal for your caravan or motorhome are the following unique features:
  12V compressor driven (also available 24V)
  unit is self contained: therefore easy to install
  only requires to be fed by two 12V wires
  streamlined, low profile 230mm high
  ruggedly built
  fixed to roof with vibration isolation mounts
  effectively maintenance free
  Does not require a licensed electrician to install as 240V wiring is not needed